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 I take responsibility for these videos; please do not blame anyone else. I am in all of them, and I do all the writing and production. That being said, I do these in a community, one that seems to tolerate me pretty well. I am a psychoanalyst, but over and over people tell me how weird that seems. Some tell me about a symptom and want me to help. Others just step away, with a fearful look. Mostly, people don’t know what a psychoanalyst really does, and that’s too bad. Awareness and a relationship with your inner life can be a good thing; it can even save your life. And certainly it can make it more fun. And awe inspiring.

The people that have helped me create Freudalicious Mind warm my heart. Even though I take responsibility, I cannot take full credit for this fun and meaningful project.

The actors ( I cannot call myself one, but I try ) astound me. Their comfort and experience with what they do, their love of what they do, their communion with me as director, brings an almost mystical presence to the set. Then for them to work for free, simply because they believe in my mission and love what they do, adds a whole new dimension.

I hope our culture can come to enjoy a greater awareness of inner life. It adds color to all other aspects of life: relationships, religion and spirituality, work; all benefit. Much more importantly, it takes so much work to pretend one’s inner life does not exist. It wastes energy, and leads to all kinds of horrible mistakes. I see the pendulum swinging towards our culture understanding that emotions are as important as thoughts, and that love is (at least) as important as success; I hope the Freudalicious Mind project can be a drop in that tide. 


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